About Phil.

Meet the man behind the legend.

“I live by these words daily, ‘Train Hard, Train Smart and Have Fun!’ and always make sure you’re challenging yourself with new goals and enjoying the journey no matter how wild it gets.”

Meet Phil.

Phillip Jerrod “The Gift” Heath’s impressive physique, insatiable drive, and natural affinity for competition fueled his meteoric rise from varsity basketball star to internationally renowned bodybuilder.

Starting out at 185 lbs., with rigorous training and dedication he grew to be 215 lbs. with 6% body fat – a dramatic transformation. A 7-time Mr. Olympia title holder, Heath’s intention is to, “represent the sport of bodybuilding in a way that many people can relate to while maintaining the respect the sport deserves.” With The Gift Box, Phil brings you the best in nutrition, fitness tools, guides, and equipment to motivated athletes and fans all over the world.

About The Gift.

The Gift Box by Phil Heath believes that there is power and potential in each of us. Each and every person is Gifted. The Gift Box is a one-of-a kind subscription box focused on building a stronger, healthier, more gifted you.

we’re here to help you find your strength.

With nutrition, fitness tools, apparel, and exclusive how-to tips from Phil Heath, The Gift Box is carefully crafted each month to motivate, inspire, and challenge even the most dedicated fitness buffs. What are you waiting for?

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